About Routes Maps Routeplanner

Routes Maps Routeplanner

is not just routes maps routeplanner. Routes Maps Routeplanner is any maps routeplanner. You can select any of different route parameters combination to get result you like: You can create a route by placing at least one Start and one Finish marker on the map.
You can advance route by adding one or more Way points.
You can drag each marker anywhere any time you want. You can see each marked place name in its search box.
You can find another place by typing its name in the search-box. The marker will be placed on the map when you hit the Enter key and the search is completed successfully. You can change the order of all Way-points by find another place by typing its name in the searchbox.
You can open or copy route Permalink (permanent link) on the Info tab.
You can export your result route to GPX format and save GPX file at your computer
You can load previously traveled routes by dragging a GPX file onto the map.


The Maps Routeplanner uses OpenSource software and data as much as possible. The OpenStreetMap geographic data is the most important part in this project. While being nowhere near complete enough to be able to say that it covers the whole world, it contains some pretty complete data for countries like: the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine and Germany. Some other countries are not far behind. So the time is there to actually put the OpenStreetMap data to use.

YOURS project

The Maps Routeplanner based on the YOURS project software. I compared the YOURS project navigation results with another routing services. I saw YOURS project routeplanner give the best Foot/Pedestrian/Bicycle results for Crimean peninsula and around. So I express my gratitude to Lambertus and other contributors gave me to use this project possibility.

The best Maps Routeplanner

I hope Routes Maps Routeplanner will give you the best results for any travel type in any region of the world. So if you have some the routeplanner problems or need to see addition possibilities please send me a message. And I will improve maps routeplanner to make it The best Maps Routeplanner.


I have added Google Terrain map to The Maps Routeplanner here: Google Terrain map on the routeplanner travel route planner the routes planners routeplanners travelling.